Building Resources

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CPR/AED Certified staff in Bascom Hall:

Shaylyn Adams     (608) 263-9995  Room 250

Jenna Alsteen      (608) 890-2291   Room 211

Greg Bump          (608) 890-2166    Room 27

Eileen Callahan   (608) 262-6133  Room 223

Suzie Chang        (608) 265-5227   Room 175

Brigid Daly      (608) 263-7400      Room361

Nikki Davis       (608) 265-6734    Room 268a

Maj Fischer           (608) 261-1351   Room 265

Lesley Fisher        (608)263-1011    Room 270

Lori Getter           (608) 265-1071    Room 28

Angela Hubbard  (608) 262-9774   Room  261

Ron Machoian     (608) 890-2446  Room 256

Beth Meyerand   (608) 669-2316     Room 125

Joel Michor         (608) 265-6640    Room  269

Faran Saeed

Kristine Schutte    (608) 262-5804    Room  264C

Kelly Tyrrell        (608) 262-9772    Room 19d

James Yonker     (608) 265-0780     Room 179

Audrey Mickelson (608) 265-6576   Room 100

An (AED) Automated External Defibrillator is machine located in Bascom Hall on 1st floor across from the recycle station, near the central elevator.

If you are CPR certified and want to be included on this list please contact:  Audrey at 265-6576 or

Emergency Preparedness Procedures

Monthly Bulletins

UWPD links



Hoteling/Touch Down Space

Space is now available in Bascom Hall for use as hoteling/touch down space.

Rooms 102 and 102B have been converted to accommodate staff that may either work remote and need space to come into the office or have meetings in the building and require a place to work for a few hours.

Note that the space is not private, so hosting a private meeting or phone call would be a challenge if multiple people are in the same room.

  • Room 102 has 4 workstations, a small conference table and some storage
  • Room 102B has the same, but with only 3 stations.
  • Stations can be used as a sit down or stand-up desk with electricity, USB ports, and hard-line internet as well as good wifi.

  • To schedule a room: email Lisa Walters at


For outdoor building key requests contact Audrey Mickelson at or Room 100. Indoor key requests can be submitted to FP&M at 263-3333.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items can be turned in or picked up in Room 100 Bascom. 

If you lost an item and would like to report it, please fill out this form:

Items not picked up after six months will be turned in to St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill.

Contact the office at 265-6576 with any questions.

Maintenance/Request Service

For immediate assistance with general building maintenance issues such as:

  • Heating/cooling
  • Pest/rodent control
  • Bathroom leaks

individuals should contact Physical Plant customer service directly at 608-263-3333
submit an online work order using a NetID-authenticated web form.

Please contact the building manager for the following:

  • Burnt out light bulbs
  • Keys
  • Flood


Recycling bins are located in several areas throughout the building.

Ground Floor:

  • Next to elevator #2 across from room 52.
  • At the west entrance in the lobby area.
  • By the vending machines.

 1st floor

  • Near elevator # 1 (north entrance)
  • Next to south entrance near room 161
  • Near the rotunda- this station includes drop off for:
  • Batteries
    Cell Phone
    Eye Glasses
    Printer cartridges

2nd Floor

  • Near the staircase in the International Division

3rd Floor

  • Near stairwell across from room 302.

For large quantities of material to recycle please call Custodial Services (CARS) at 263- 3333 to request an additional bin.

Campus recycling information.

Cardboard Boxes
Leave them in your office with a note to the night crew letting them know that the boxes are to be recycled. You may also put the empty boxes on the loading dock, with a note for the night crew to dispose of them.



SWAP (Surplus With A Purpose)

SWAP (Surplus With A Purpose)

SWAP collects reusable, repairable, and salvageable items that are no longer needed by university or state departments — everything from office furniture to refrigerators to leftover paint.

Submit a Surplus Request on the SWAP Website to have items picked up. The department will be contacted if SWAP believes the material is unsuitable for redistribution or disposal through SWAP.

Do Not use hallways for SWAP pickup unless authorized by building manager.

Toner Cartidge Return

Used toner cartridges may be recycled and returned to UW Stores (MDS), place them in a box properly labeled at the loading dock.

For toner recycling returns thru UPS, please deposit items in the UPS drop box located on the “ground level” of the building, west end, near the vending machines.

If the toner recycling return item for UPS is too large for the drop box, please bring the item – with prepaid label attached, to room 100 for pick up.


Vending Machines

Vending machines are located on the ground floor level near the west side of the building lobby facing towards Ingraham Hall.

  • Refunds for lost money at the vending machnine are available in room 100.

Water Fountains

Water fountains with filtered water are located in the following locations:

Ground Level

  • By room 70 (Dean of Students office)

1st Floor

  • Near room 132

2nd Floor

  • By room 250

3rd Floor

  • By room 350




Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Weekends and Holidays – Closed

Building Manager:
Room 100

Audrey Mickelson