The Bascom Hall Mailroom is a service provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA).

The services provided by the mailroom are for University of Wisconsin – Madison business only.

Drop-off for US Mail, Campus Mail, and Bascom Hall Mail is located in Room 100.

Please put all USPS items with proper postage in the Outgoing Mail bin. All other items to include USPS items needing postage should be given to the front desk with a postage request form.

NOTE: We cannot process international mail. All international items need to be handled through the post office.


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Campus Mail

  • Addressing campus mail as specific as possible is essential for rapid campus mail delivery.   Include:
    first and last name of recipient, building, office/room number, and street address.
  • Campus mail larger than 20 pieces must be sorted by building and bundled by rubber bands by your office or department.
  • When your bulk mailing is ready, take to loading dock and call Truck Services @ 262-1574 for pick-up.
  • Call the Campus Mail Center @ 262-4254 if you are in need of interdepartmental envelopes and/or boxes/crates for campus mail delivery.

Signature and Private Couriers ( DHL, FedEX, UPS, etc)

  • Signature and private courier deliveries for Bascom occupants are signed for in Room 100.
  • You will be notified when your package arrives and a request will be made that you pick up your package from room 100. Please note: Room 100 is a working office and is the main reception area for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. We ask that, when notified of package receipt, you send a representative from your department or office to pick up your delivery in a timely fashion.
  • Each department or office is responsible for using private courier services to send items themselves.  We do not have agreements or accounts with private couriers to ship items.  It is up to each department or office to set up and manage private courier services accounts.

The mailroom does not stock special mailing supplies for these couriers. Please request supplies directly through the couriers.

U.S. Mail

  • Place mailing items in your department or office’s designated outbox. Restrictions apply to what the mailroom can process on your behalf.
  • Postage paid envelopes can be left in your office or departments designated outbox, or deposited directly in the US Mail box located @ the front corner of Bascom Hall, nearest to Observatory Drive.
  • Items placed in the US Mail box before 2 p.m. will be processed by the US Postal Service the same day.
  • All envelopes needing postage, require a fully completed Postage Request Form.  Items without a Postage Request Form will not be processed.

Note: you are required to have a valid 10 digit funding string for billing and a department or office head signature.

  • Domestic US Mail over 16 ounces must be taken to a US Post Office for delivery, USPS no longer allows these items to be accepted from a US Mail Dropbox.The mailroom can process postage for items under 4 pounds with a fully completed Postage Request Form, but it is the department or office’s responsibility to deliver the package to a US Post Office.
  • Packages over 4 pounds need to be taken to the post office directly, by the department or office mailing the item, for postage and delivery.

International Air Mail

  • Due to the complexities of customs from various countries, International mail must be taken to a US Post Office for processing.

Furniture and Oversized Items

The mailroom is not responsible for furniture or oversized items too large to handle. Request that the vendor deliver the item directly to your office or make arrangement with third party services.  If no such arrangements are made, you are responsible for items left on the loading dock and getting the items to your office.

Truck Service

Items too large for a campus mail inter-departmental envelope must be sent via UW Truck Service.

Call 262-1574 to arrange a pickup.  Box or seal the item(s) securely and leave them at the loading dock, lined up, neatly, against the west side wall.

Mailroom Hours:

Monday thru Friday

7:45 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Contact: Audrey Mickelson


Postage Request Form